The dead snake which was inside the wreath. See SWNS story SWTPwreath; An ex-marine biologist has revealed how he cut open his Chrissssstmas wreath after it began to stink - and found a SNAKE inside. Karl Gaskell, 43, noticed "decidedly scaly" bulges along the back of the wreath just days after his wife Nicki bought it from their local Co-op. The industrial chemist was then compelled to smell the wreath - and cut it open when it began to "stink like really pungent, rotten fish". Dad-of-two Karl, from the Isle of Man, "slowly uncurled" the remains of a snake - which he suddenly worried might be poisonous. He emailed the Natural History Museum in London, who reassured Karl that he'd pulled out a dead grass snake. But Karl, Nicki, and their daughters Aemilia, 11, and Claudia, eight, have vowed never to get another Christmas wreath again. Karl said: "The smell was so bad - if I had whiskey around the house, I'd have washed my mouth out with it, the smell lingered for days! "I don't know what compelled me to put my corker up to the wreath after I spotted these strange gray scales, but I did! "You could tell it was some kind of dead animal - a reptile, not a mammal!, Image: 487875248, License: Rights-managed, Restrictions: This image hereby disclosed to your organisation is so disclosed on the condition that your organisation will take all steps necessary to ensure that any identifiable personal data is processed in full compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 follow us on twitter - @swns browse our website - email, Model Release: no, Credit line: Karl Gaskell / SWNS / SWNS / Profimedia

Muž byl součástí hororové scény,  když se snažil obléknout svůj domov do Vánoční atmosféry.

Otce dvou dětí nejprve zarazilo, že z rozloženého adventního věnce se line nesnesitelný smrad, nedalo se zůstat nablízku.  Protože si Karl nedovedl představit, jak může věnec tak vonět, nic netušíc jej rozepnul. Pak přišel naprostý šok!

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